Welcome to A++ Tutoring

A++ Tutoring is an organization that is dedicated to the success of all students. Our tutoring programs emphasize organization, reliability, and a positive learning environment. We help students succeed in school by getting to the root of their academic struggle(s) and working up from there. We are also flexible with scheduling, so tutoring can fit into your busy schedule.


  • We Check Grades!
  • We Teach Organization and Study Skills
  • We Contact Teachers
  • We Build Confidence
  • We Make Learning Fun!
  • No More Missing Assignments!
  • We Design Programs to Fit Every Individual's Need


Parent Testimonial

I just want to thank you for all the work you have done with my son. When he reluctantly started tutoring full time at your center the end of his freshman year, he could hardly pull a 2.00 GPA to stay eligible for the school sports programs. Homework had become a real battle. I tried to help where I could. We would spend hours butting heads with each other. My son had always struggled in school and was feeling "stupid," compounding the problems at home. Often, even when he did complete his homework, he failed to turn it in because he was so unorganized that he lost it or turned it in late getting only partial credit. We had all resigned ourselves to the fact that school would always be a struggle for him. The idea of college was non-existent.

Through your patience, professionalism, and one-on-one personal attention to his individual needs, he just completed his sophomore year, where we had weaned him down to tutoring only two days a week. His grades have continued to climb, he got organized, he started taking pride in his school work, and his self-esteem has skyrocketed. During conferences this year, several of his teachers even started encouraging him to look into college since his grades climbed so much. You have taught my son how to learn, how to study, and most importantly that he's not "stupid"! It has been amazing to see him excel so much in the last 1 1/2 years. In fact, he's taking about college and even got a 4.00 last term!

-Parent, Sophomore at Cascade High School